Hi there and welcome!

Come on in and make yourself at home. I am Alicia, designer of In a Mason Jar. I have always held a fondness for canning and Mason Jars and the feelings and emotions that they provoke.

I remember growing up, spending time with my traditional Italian grandparents at their home and learning all there was to learn about the home and hearth. These were some of the most amazing times and truly helped to shape the woman I am today. There was a small dark room in the basement of their home lined with skinny shelves around 3 walls, the other wall, only wide enough for the door. Each year, no matter the season, this room held the wonders from the garden and kitchen and were filled with love and tasty canned creations. This room I am sure is like many others across the country, across the world where mothers and fathers, grandparents, great grandparents stocked up for the months ahead and were always prepared for company any time day or night.

These are the memories I wish to create or return to you here at In a Mason Jar. I hope to create wonderful unique as well as favorite items and arrange them in artful little packages all revolving in and around the time honored Mason Jar.

So, tie on an apron or pull up a chair, and be wrapped with warmth and wonderful memories old and new.

Warm wishes
             ~ Alicia