Wednesday, March 30, 2011

In the Canning Room ~ Organization Day!

Today I am getting in the canning room and workshop and getting down to business. I must get myself organized again because at the moment I can barely move around let alone find anything!

I will be starting with the counter tops and getting those sparkling and clutter free then moving on to the jars and fillers and finding a good way to store everything. This is the tricky part. How does one go about finding a storage solution out of thin air?? I dont have shelving or boxes at my disposal, I need to be able to find everything and access it quickly and easily and I must share space with other things. Plus the added difficulty that we are talking about glass jars as well as an array of mismatched oddly shaped items that will rotate out as I use them and will never be completely consistant. a conundrum to be sure...

Well, I am nothing if not resourceful so I am off to see what I can find and do to make a really great space work really well. I will keep you posted on the results!

For now here is a little peek at just some of the mess I am up against... fun huh?!

Until tomorrow then.
Warm wishes,
~ Alicia

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Top 3 ways NOT to get in shape for a run & obstacle course!

Ok so a group of girlfriends and I are entered to run in a 5K and obstacle course in 2 weeks.
We are so put together, we have darling outfits picked out and purchased; our colors are brown and baby blue. We have a group name: the Dirt Dolls! (roller derby anyone??) We even have matching embroidered tank tops. But the actual running portion manages to escape us. Truly we are trying, but have yet to really get up to speed... pun intended. I have received confirmation this morning that at least 3 of us are yet to actually have made to to the 3 mile mark while running... most are at a walk run interval. Ok, we can do this. 2 weeks to go. we can so do this.

Well, for those who are wondering, here is what not to do to get in shape for this type of event:

3. Make a plan for going from 2 minutes of walk/1 minute of run all the way up to running a complete 30 minutes no walking and then make every excuse in the book not to actually go to the gym on set days. too tired, just ate, didn't drink enough water before(will get a cramp), drank too much water before(will slosh around in tummy), did Zumba instead(3 days ago), baby needs new shoes, mama needs new shoes..........

2. Tell yourself, oh there is plenty of time, it's still weeks away, even today with less than 2 weeks left.

1.  Spend all your actual time and energy on the adorable outfits instead of actually training for said run/obstacle course. Hey at least we are going to look really cute for the pictures!

Have a great day!!

Warm wishes
~ Alicia

Monday, March 28, 2011

Good Morning Monday & Back to Work!

Good morning all and hello again from our little time away!
I hope y'all are well and rested as are we... or at least a bit ;)

I don't have a new product up to share with you today as I am just getting things back up and running but all the fabulous little goodies are once again available for viewing on our shop and there are many fun things to come.

Just a few hints... sugar scrub, army men, bug jars with darling magnifying glasses, new drink mixes and so much more. Watch for these to come in the next week or so.

Thanks for visiting.

Have a lovely day!
  ~ Alicia

Monday, March 7, 2011

Away for a bit

Hey Y'all,
Due to ongoing work on the water damage, building up chores and a desperate need for a little break. I will be putting the shop on vacation mode and taking off for about 2 weeks. Thank you so much for stopping by. Please feel free to email in or comment and we will be back up and running after we catch our breath! Thanks again. Have a lovely day and week. I look forward to seeing you soon.

Warm wishes
    ~ Alicia

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Top 10 things I want to do when the water damage is fixed!

1. Give Logan back his playroom! He is finding so many things to play with outside of that room... the dog's water and food, all the food on the bottom shelf of the pantry including the entire open box of cheerios that ended up on the floor for cheerio snow angels, my shoes, oh what fun!

2. Hear properly. There has been an enormous fan blowing in there all day and night and it is so loud its like how you feel at the end of a live concert!

3. Put away all the stray toys and vacuum. I dont think I have ever wanted to do that before ;)

4. Be able to run errands, go to the park or the gym without clearing it with 4 contractors and 6 workmen first.

5. Get back onto schedule with, well, everything.

6. Bring the dog in from being outside all. day. long. He really hates that fan!

7. Paint and Hang up some fun art in the playroom. My gift to self and Logan for having to deal with the lack of play room space all week.

8. Start getting the house ready for my sister's visit. 13 1/2  Days and counting! Yikes! This is worse than it sounds, the guest room is filled with boxes of stuff we have emptied from all over the house for our anual garage sale. Most of it is not actually boxed up yet, but just brought and set all over, then of course the items that were in the way of the water damage got put in there too. Right now, you cant even walk into the room. Oh joy.

9. Put everything in it's rightful place in the house. Everything that was at Logan level is now stacked on every possible counter space, table, stool, or desk.

10. Go out for coffee or a fun dessert just for the heck of it and the celebration of finally being done!!

Happy Tuesday all.

Warm wishes
     ~ Alicia