Wednesday, February 16, 2011

In the Canning Room ~ baking Doggie Biscuits

Here are some snapshot in the "Canning Room", also know as my kitchen. This is where the magic takes place. We spend most of our time here and it is truly my favorite room in our home. In these pictures I am preparing and baking doggie biscuits, a new product I have recently added to the shop. I have the biscuit mix up for sale, but thought it might be fun and more instant to have pre-made biscuits available too. Our dog is thrilled to be the taste tester, though truly, there isn't anything in these that I myself wouldn't eat. These are made in bone shapes and turned out really cute. I made the first batch in chicken flavor and if they turn out well (read as; are devoured without a trace), perhaps beef, cheese, bacon... you never know! 

some of the ingredients pre- mixing

mixing bowl & spoon. My partner in crime: coffee cup.
Without which, I might not make it to the end of each day ;)

biscuit cutting in progress.
Be sure to have a well floured countertop for these if you are baking them at home

aren't they just darling?!

the tray filling up quickly

I ended up with 31 & a bit biscuits

flour, tray, rolling pin
All part of the process that is baking

1 of 2 ovens, yes, I am in love
my cute hand appliqued and embroidered tea towel (shameless plug - order one today)

baking to biscuity goodness!

Here are just some more fun shots of the kitchen. Since this truly is the heart of our home, It is filled with some of my favorite things and the colors that inspire me each day. 

stand mixer I could not live without...ok maybe I could but it wouldn't be nearly as fun ;)

utensils, baking ingredients and wine, of course

my stove top station, my must have go to's for cooking

aren't these colors fabulous?!

A little piece I love, handmade by my grandmother.
Brightly colored chickens over the ovens

Well, there you have it folks, the first look into where I spend my time and create the goodies for y'all. Each week I will show snapshots of projects in the works, bring you new ideas, mixes, and cute items. I will also share how things are going with the process' good, bad and ugly. Stay tuned for the fun!

Happy Baking

Warm wishes
     ~ Alicia

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