Saturday, February 26, 2011

Recipe Day! mmmm... Chicken!

Well, it's Apron Strings Friday again! Don't we just love Friday's?!

It has been an interesting day to say the least. I went into my son's playroom (my previously formal dinning room) this morning to discover a soggy carpet, the size of the mess more than 5 square feet! great! What could this be? I immediately considered spilled drinks, but we dont drink anything in there, even water, perhaps a leaky faucet in the bathroom on the other side of the wall? no signs there, but still searching...well 3+ hours, 5 sopping wet towels and a little space heater on high later, we still dont know where the water came from or if its still coming in. The plumber is coming around this afternoon and my husband is on his way home from work, coincidentally he had an early finish today, so it worked out well. He already decided that he will be ripping up the carpet to dry it out! Yikes! Wish us luck ;)

Well, with that taking the front burner of the day, I am now ready to sit down for a moment and decide which delectable dish to share with you today!

Last night I made some super yummy chicken that was a take on a recipe that I had found in one of many cookbooks I have collected over the years. After buying all the ingredients and being ready to make it as written, I got to thinking, this would be so much easier and just as amazing if I just ... One thing led to another and I kind of created a totally new recipe with some of the ingredients and some others and it turned out absolutely great!! So here it is. It was so easy and it received great reviews from my most discerning critic, my husband, so it must be great ;)


Proscuitto & Mozzarella Chicken
Serves 2 (double or more as needed)

3-4 pieces boneless skinless chicken thighs
salt & pepper to taste
1/2 tsp italian seasonings
1/2 C shredded Mozzarella cheese
4 thin slices of proscuitto
1-2 T shredded parmesan cheese

Preheat oven to 350. F
Oil 8" square glass baker
Place chicken thighs open in the pan
Season with salt, pepper and italian seasonings
Sprinkle mozzarella over top
Place slices of proscuitto over chicken trying to cover meat completely
Sprinkle parmesan cheese over the top of that
Bake for @ 30 minutes until golden and bubbly! Enjoy!
I served this with a side of baked sweet potatoes and a side of sauteed spinach

Oh, last minute update on the water leak...

When the house was being built, one of the sheetrock hangers put a screw through a copper water pipe. It managed to wedge itself in so well that over the past 3 years it has been fine, but slowly rusting over. Now after repeated water usage through the sink, the rust has been getting washed out and caused a large enough hole in the pipe to finally leak...all over my dining room; walls, floor, carpet, baseboards. Oh joy. At least it will all be covered under warranty and not be an out of pocket expense, but seriously folks, way to pay attention!! Now I have a gaping hole in the wall and the room is out of commission until at least the beginning of next week! Great! Especially considering that this room has been converted to the little one's play room. Now my living room looks like an explosion in the toy factory. Just thought you would love to share!

Have a lovely weekend

Warm wishes,
     ~ Alicia

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  1. Thanks for the recipe. Can't wait to try it. :) Stopping from SITS.


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