Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Top 10 things I want to do when the water damage is fixed!

1. Give Logan back his playroom! He is finding so many things to play with outside of that room... the dog's water and food, all the food on the bottom shelf of the pantry including the entire open box of cheerios that ended up on the floor for cheerio snow angels, my shoes, oh what fun!

2. Hear properly. There has been an enormous fan blowing in there all day and night and it is so loud its like how you feel at the end of a live concert!

3. Put away all the stray toys and vacuum. I dont think I have ever wanted to do that before ;)

4. Be able to run errands, go to the park or the gym without clearing it with 4 contractors and 6 workmen first.

5. Get back onto schedule with, well, everything.

6. Bring the dog in from being outside all. day. long. He really hates that fan!

7. Paint and Hang up some fun art in the playroom. My gift to self and Logan for having to deal with the lack of play room space all week.

8. Start getting the house ready for my sister's visit. 13 1/2  Days and counting! Yikes! This is worse than it sounds, the guest room is filled with boxes of stuff we have emptied from all over the house for our anual garage sale. Most of it is not actually boxed up yet, but just brought and set all over, then of course the items that were in the way of the water damage got put in there too. Right now, you cant even walk into the room. Oh joy.

9. Put everything in it's rightful place in the house. Everything that was at Logan level is now stacked on every possible counter space, table, stool, or desk.

10. Go out for coffee or a fun dessert just for the heck of it and the celebration of finally being done!!

Happy Tuesday all.

Warm wishes
     ~ Alicia

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  1. Sorry to hear about the water damage. What a hassle!
    Stopping by from SITS!


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