Wednesday, March 30, 2011

In the Canning Room ~ Organization Day!

Today I am getting in the canning room and workshop and getting down to business. I must get myself organized again because at the moment I can barely move around let alone find anything!

I will be starting with the counter tops and getting those sparkling and clutter free then moving on to the jars and fillers and finding a good way to store everything. This is the tricky part. How does one go about finding a storage solution out of thin air?? I dont have shelving or boxes at my disposal, I need to be able to find everything and access it quickly and easily and I must share space with other things. Plus the added difficulty that we are talking about glass jars as well as an array of mismatched oddly shaped items that will rotate out as I use them and will never be completely consistant. a conundrum to be sure...

Well, I am nothing if not resourceful so I am off to see what I can find and do to make a really great space work really well. I will keep you posted on the results!

For now here is a little peek at just some of the mess I am up against... fun huh?!

Until tomorrow then.
Warm wishes,
~ Alicia

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