Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Top 3 ways NOT to get in shape for a run & obstacle course!

Ok so a group of girlfriends and I are entered to run in a 5K and obstacle course in 2 weeks.
We are so put together, we have darling outfits picked out and purchased; our colors are brown and baby blue. We have a group name: the Dirt Dolls! (roller derby anyone??) We even have matching embroidered tank tops. But the actual running portion manages to escape us. Truly we are trying, but have yet to really get up to speed... pun intended. I have received confirmation this morning that at least 3 of us are yet to actually have made to to the 3 mile mark while running... most are at a walk run interval. Ok, we can do this. 2 weeks to go. we can so do this.

Well, for those who are wondering, here is what not to do to get in shape for this type of event:

3. Make a plan for going from 2 minutes of walk/1 minute of run all the way up to running a complete 30 minutes no walking and then make every excuse in the book not to actually go to the gym on set days. too tired, just ate, didn't drink enough water before(will get a cramp), drank too much water before(will slosh around in tummy), did Zumba instead(3 days ago), baby needs new shoes, mama needs new shoes..........

2. Tell yourself, oh there is plenty of time, it's still weeks away, even today with less than 2 weeks left.

1.  Spend all your actual time and energy on the adorable outfits instead of actually training for said run/obstacle course. Hey at least we are going to look really cute for the pictures!

Have a great day!!

Warm wishes
~ Alicia

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